Best Accessories for Caravans

Before travelling it’s best to stock up on essentials and extras that help make your caravanning time pass smoothly and safely.

We as Perth caravan specialist, we’re often asked for tips to make travel time comfortable. If aiming for an easy-going and relaxing journey, consider choosing accessories that might come in handy on the road.


Technical aspects

Peak visibility is essential, especially in unfamiliar terrain. A towing mirror and reversing camera, along with head lamps encourages safe travels. Tow ball weight scales let you check weight limits.

Make sure you have enough wheel chocks for your vehicle, the right levelling ramps and of course, hitch locks. Equipment to check caravan levelling is worth it too. A stabiliser is also recommended.

Keep your caravan safe with an alarm and GPS tracker. If staying connected matters, look into caravan WiFi. Contemplate a UHF radio, portable phone charger and sat nav system for your caravan.


Caravan repairs and care

A well-planned tool kit must include items as classic and simple as duct tape and scissors, along with short-term fix for tires, and spares. You might also want to pick up an air compressor. 

Keep a jump starter, caravan jack, and a couple of torches with battery life that will last the distance in your supplies. Seasoned travellers also store certain spare parts on hand, from experience.

Of course, Murphy’s Law can ruin the best laid plan. If the worst happens, no worries. Allways Caravan has provided quality caravan repairs in Perth for decades. If you can tow it, we can fix it. (Also Read: Is it Worth Renovating an Old Caravan? Or Would You Just Be Riding the Hype?)


Practical considerations

A medical kit, protein bars and an excess supply of water sounds simple but in a tight spot, transforms a bad day. In the outback, decent tweezers and disinfectant are worth their weight in gold.

Buy a smoke alarm, fire extinguisher, fire blanket and gas detector/gas alarm. Research the mandatory legal requirements regarding protective devices for your caravan before embarking.

How is your water supply? Invest in necessary water pumps, water filters, and storage tanks. Before heading out, make sure you understand your toilet chemical needs. Check your hot water system.


The comfort factor

Solar panels can be a caravanner’s best friend. If unsure on the details, talk caravan specialists at Allways Caravan next time you come by, we’ll offer feedback on our solar power travel experiences.

Equipment you enjoy at home is now made for caravan living. Think fan, washing machine, fridge and heater. Mull over the options. An outdoor shower is nifty if your caravan doesn’t have one.

Water hoses and power cords are important, and you’ll appreciate spares. Doublecheck you have enough fuel tanks and water tanks to satisfy. Invest in awning and steps for comfort and ease.


Caravan daily life 

To avoid filling the caravan with dirty laundry, purchase a washing bag and portable clothesline to clean outfits efficiently. If heading for sandy climes, you might want a hand vacuum cleaner.

Outdoor mats and chairs are wonderful if your travels include scheduled downtime. 

 A nice camping cooker or simple fire pit won’t go astray. If you love enjoy outdoor dinners, even a BBQ.

Tough crockery saves time and accidents. For coffee lovers, there are travel coffee maker designs. The caravan accessory market is brimming with items created to make life on the go a breeze.


Safe travels

Our caravan hire solutions are in premium condition, but if embarking in your own vehicle, consider a caravan service first. The Allways Caravan team will ensure you set out safely. Contact us today.