Is it Worth Renovating an Old Caravan? Or Would You Just Be Riding the Hype?

In today’s market, one can argue restoring an old caravan is the smarter, more financially savvy choice.

Australia has a caravanning culture with a wide variety of used caravans are on the market. Commercially, caravans are needed on many worksites across the country. Domestically, caravans in Perth are popular for holidaying.

If the new caravan of your choice is far outside your budget, consider a caravan restoration. With the experienced Allways Caravan team offering quality caravan repairs, you can easily end up investing in a reno gem.


Consider the basics

What should you look for when sourcing a pre-used caravan? A comprehensive checklist will have dozens of points. Begin with the towing weight, to confirm a practical choice, and the general condition of the frame.

As you head into older vintage caravans, you’re likely to need to put more of your budget aside for restorative purposes. Also try to source information on the caravan’s past, from service history to time on the road.


Diamond in the rough

Many popular television programs feature a couple taking a rundown shell of an old home, restoring it to the point where the resulting build is unrecognisable. The good news is, you can apply this approach to caravans.

From walls to lighting overhauls, an old caravan can become a functional and fashionable location. Research modern caravan restorations to avoid being limited by preconceived notions of how your caravan should look.


Interior care

A simple interiors overhaul can spruce up a caravan. New upholstery, bedding, cupboards and linens do wonders for holiday comfort in a renovated caravan for personal use. Everyday comfort matters—whether relaxing, or working.

For the work crews in remote locations, a custom caravan builder ensures a client-specific caravan design. Check out our Alltrax Custom Builds, and talk to the team about the possibility of renovated options.


Professional help

Factor in the cost of a once-over from a mechanical team of caravan experts when deciding on your purchase budget. You need to make sure the engine and other mechanical aspects provide safe, reliable travel.

Our motto is, “If you can tow it, we can fix it” so have faith our experts will get the job done. Allways Caravan can provide onsite caravan repairs. To work out the best option, talk to us about caravan repairs and service.


Think technology

When focusing on everyday practicalities, don’t overlook technological aspects of a caravan purchase. How tech-savvy your caravan is can impact how enjoyable and practical is the time you spend within it.

Many older models were created pre-Wi-Fi. Likewise, satellite navigation was once a map book purchased at the local petrol station. Adding up-to-date tech to your caravan can be a transformative renovation step.


Restoration, is it worth it?

Yes! Especially if you grab a bargain, and plan the makeover you can afford. What you want is a caravan you can rely on. And with caravans made to last, many sturdy older designs are ripe for a new lease on life.

Like any renovation, the success is in the planning stages. Secure a decent purchase, address the aspects that contribute to safety and dependable performance, and then focus on comfort and aesthetic concerns.

As caravan specialists, we’ve been helping domestic and commercial caravans continue to perform well since the last century.  If in Western Australia and in need of caravan repairs, a service or refit, let’s talk shop soon.