Allways Caravan Hire has the largest fleet of commercial heavy duty caravans for short and long term hire in Australia. Whether you need a full camp setup or just a commercial kitchen we can handle it.
If none of the hireable caravans meet your specific requirements, we can also design and manufacture custom caravans to meet your needs.

What We Offer

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Commercial Hire

We are one of the largest providers of remote exploration and commercial caravans available for hire in WA. Our range of caravans includes specialty or multi-purpose units to fulfil all requirements for a remote campsite to function. All the caravans are designed and manufactured tough enough to survive the harshest conditions of the WA outback. Our caravans are all available for short or long term hire and rental.

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Custom Builds

The manufacturing team under the banner of “Alltrax Commercial Caravans” have over forty years of experience in the heavy-duty caravan industry. Our custom-built commercial caravans are designed to be as strong and reliable as contemporary technology allows us to resist the tough conditions of remote sites across Australia.


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Servicing, Repair & Refit

Had a crash? Let us make your caravan or trailer like new! We can repair & service anything that can be towed. Our technicians are experienced in every repair possible and can undergo anything from internal refits and refurbishment to tyre replacement, electrical repairs, air conditioning service and replacement or rectification of mechanical issues.


About Us

Allways Caravan Hire is a WA-owned and operated company with 40 years of experience in commercial caravan hire, maintenance and repairs. We provide some of the leading companies in the mining, exploration and construction industries in Western Australia with transportable accommodations, ablutions, kitchens and caravans with combined functions.

In 2007, we created Alltrax Commercial Caravans to use our know-how and master custom-built caravans that meet the specific needs of our clients. The whole manufacturing process, including design, is done in-house, using the latest vehicle materials technology, and thus we ensure your caravan is as strong and reliable as you need it to be in the remote locations of your worksites to withstand any environmental conditions.

D/L No. MD13536


I’m looking for portable dongas for a mine site, are caravans a good alternative?

Yes definitely! Our custom caravans are the perfect alternative to portable dongas, which can be a lot more convenient as they can be set up quickly and transported around the site easily, while still having a strong structure to withstand environmental conditions.

How will the mining caravans reach the mine site?

We can organise full camp set-ups along with the recovery of the caravans once everything needs to be returned.

Are the commercial caravans only for sleeping?

Our range of commercial caravans comes in many builds, from kitchens to ablutions and combinations to fulfil all requirements for a remote campsite. If there’s a caravan build you’re looking for but can’t find on our website, reach out to us to see if we can build it for you.

I’ve got specific issues with my caravan, will you be able to repair them?

We definitely can! Our experienced team can offer personalised and customised approaches when it comes to repairing caravans, trailers, horse floats and essentially anything that can be towed. Contact us and our friendly team will be more than happy to discuss a solution with you.