When you think of mining accommodation we usually think of the word “donga”, however there are plenty of other remote mining accommodation solutions better suited to certain tasks, especially when it comes to mining exploration. So how does a small exploration team set up away from a main mining camp when it doesn’t require semi-permanent structures? Let’s take a look.


Important Factors in a Mining Exploration Caravan

Storage Functionality

Miners have expressed a desire to be able to have better storage facilities when exploring in remote locations, yet still have enough space to walk around and not feel too crammed in.


Better sound-proofing and acoustics

Sometimes exploration activities are round-the-clock, meaning teams take shifts working and sleeping. The sound of a drill rig or people walking nearby can interrupt a person’s sleep, making them tired the next day and less likely to be productive. Better sound-proofing on custom exploration caravans helps solve this issue.


Improved telecommunications, including WIFI

Entertainment in remote locations can be hard to come by, so miners are looking for better technology so they can wind down and connect with their loved ones, play games or generally surf the internet.


Better layout functionality, particularly with ensuite bathrooms



Mobile Abolution Units – Why They’re Important

No running water? No electricity? No worries. Businesses can order remote shipping containers that are ablution blocks to their sites for bust periods. Easy in, easy out. They’re solar-powered and come with about 2000 litre tanks for water use and waste.

However, what if you’re working so remote that a shipping container cannot be delivered to? The answer is a mobile caravan, custom modified for rugged terrain with its own inbuilt ensuite bathroom – you’ll never have to walk out of your sleeping accommodation to sort yourself out!


Portable Office Donga

Portable office donga’s are suitable for long stays as they act as a focal point for your team at a mining site. But what if the terrain is too rugged and you need to have air-conditioned office space closer to your work site? The answer is a custom fitted mobile caravan transformed into office space. Now you’ll be able to walk from site straight to the office and back in minutes without having to hop into a vehicle and drive all the way to base camp to file your work!


Why Choose Allways Caravan?

If you are looking for custom exploration caravan solutions that you can rely on to reach your destination no matter the terrain, or if you simply want a caravan solution that is designed and manufactured in Australia for Australian conditions, give All-Ways Caravans a call.

With over forty years of experience, we can design and manufacture a caravan to perfectly meet your specifications and outclass your expectations. Ask our team about industrial caravan rentals, caravan fleet maintenance, or custom builds solutions today.