Portable classrooms (which are often referred to as ‘demountables’ or ‘prefabricated classrooms’) are gaining in popularity thanks to their simple, quick and easy construction. They’re also incredibly spacious, and are becoming closer and closer to a direct replica of a school’s everyday classroom. It’s for this reason that many schools in Western Australia and beyond are considering making the switch to portable classrooms (or at least, utilising portable classrooms when the occasion calls for increased flexibility and mobility).

Though portable classrooms are commonly used when standard classrooms are being renovated or used for other purposes, there are plenty of reasons why a portable classroom is better than a standard one. Here are our top 4.


1.They save time

Because they are made of pre-set panels and frames, portable classrooms are incredibly quick to assemble. In fact, it shouldn’t take more than a few days to assemble a fully functional portable classroom – and the same goes for disassembling if you need to relocate it.


2.They’re affordable

As they aren’t permanent structures, portable classrooms are a lot more affordable to set up and maintain over time than their permanent classroom counterparts. They are a much more beneficial use of funds than hiring other permanent venues, and when you compare their pricing, portable classrooms come out on top in terms of cost effectiveness over time.


3.They’re extremely flexible

As most portable classrooms are considered ‘demountable’ (as they can be constructed and deconstructed in a short period of time), they are an extremely flexible choice for schools. Not only can they be used as classrooms, but in a pinch, they can double as exam rooms, small school assembly spaces, or multi-purpose rooms.

If required, portable classrooms can also be easily relocated to a different section of the school. This temporary nature makes it easier to expose more students to the portable classroom setup and procedure.


4.They’re easy to customise once situated

Once you’ve situated your portable classroom in your desired location, customising its interior is incredibly easy. As portable classrooms are quite spacious, you’ll have your pick when it comes to classroom furniture, decorations, school memorabilia and anything else you’d like to display in your classroom.

Depending on the hire company you rent the portable classroom from, if you require increased accessibility to your classroom, a ramp up to your classroom’s door may be available as an add-on. It’s best to discuss these additional features before you sign a hire agreement, just in case these features are non-negotiable for your students.


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