In a city as warm and vibrant as Perth, Western Australia, it’s no wonder that portable food trucks are all the rage. Not only do they provide the opportunity for people to socialise and enjoy delicious food at a variety of scenic spots across the city (and further across the state), but the options for food production, presentation and output are limitless.

If you’re considering joining the vibrant food truck industry, here are four reasons why a kitchen caravan is better than a sit down restaurant.


They’re mobile and easy to move

Perhaps the most obvious difference between food trucks and sit down restaurants is that food trucks are mobile – and not only mobile, but incredibly simple to move when you need to. Many food truck operators travel to multiple different locations on a weekly basis, and this kind of flexibility of location is incredibly useful when it comes to making a profit in a variety of different spots across the city and beyond.


They’re much cheaper to run

In general, food trucks operating out of kitchen caravans are cheaper to start up and run than their sit down restaurant equivalents. This means a food truck will prove to be less of a financial risk upfront – and if you apply clever business acumen and operate your truck cost effectively, you’ll reap these financial rewards into the future, too.


There’s more flexibility

As we mentioned previously, food trucks are obviously mobile, meaning you’ll have a flexibility of locations to set up in. Alongside this mobility, food truck operators can also enjoy the flexibility of customised opening hours. Whether you’re operating amongst other trucks or setting up solo, you’ll have flexibility to open when you’d like to open, and close whenever you see fit. Thirdly, you’ll also enjoy flexibility of cuisine. As the food truck operator, you’ll have full control of the menu, and can experiment with all sorts of dishes, fusions and flavours to serve up, no matter the occasion.


They’re easy to manage

Because kitchen caravans are much smaller than commercial kitchens, they’re a lot easier to manage. This includes having less inventory to take care of (or use up in case of approaching use-by dates), less staff to hire and manage, and less repairs in case of mechanical issues. Food trucks make a manager’s job easy, as everything they need to see, use or watch is within direct eyeshot no matter where they’re standing in the truck kitchen.


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