Exploration Caravans

When you’re working in a difficult, harsh and isolated location, you want to know that your vehicles will be reliable and safe. You need equipment that will work, spaces that will provide comfort, and crew that will be able to thrive in the Australian outback. This is where exploration caravans come into play. When you are looking for a mobile shelter to get you to where you need to go, provide ease of life whilst you are there, and facilitate a comfortable return: Allways Caravans is here to help.


 What is An Exploration Caravan?

Exploration caravans, also known as worksite caravans, are caravans designed to give employees an opportunity to stay at their job site, as opposed to travelling back and forth from their homes to location.


What is Included?

Exploration caravans, like domestic caravans, are fully self-contained. However, unlike domestic caravans, they tend to be larger, as they are made with a different goal in mind. Exploration caravans are likely to have 3 or 4 separate bedrooms, alongside a living or dining area. Although the degrees of luxury varies from caravan to caravan – some may have satellite televisions in each room – all caravans are equipped with a fully functional kitchen and bathroom. They may also come with air-conditioners and laundry machines.

Similar to houses, exploration caravans are fitted with smoke and fire alarms, as well as fire extinguishers and blankets. Some caravans also come with a breakaway switch. Should the caravan be separated from the towing vehicle, the caravan brakes will be activated as a result of the switch.

At Alltrax Caravans, all our caravans come with single, dual axel or tri-axle configurations. They are fully galvanised to last in unpredictable environments, with 4mm beams for superior structural strength, and to ensure comfort and maximised work performance, all our caravans come with air conditioning: which truly is essential in the Australian heat.


What are Their Uses?

Long-term travelling, especially on dirt roads and in low light conditions, can result in fatigue and lower productivity, as well as employee dissatisfaction. That’s why employers invest in exploration caravans. Instead of travelling for long periods of time, workers can have a place to stay on-site, keeping them comfortable and happy whilst they work.


Multiple Functions

At the same time, different companies have different needs and as such use exploration caravans in different ways. Some companies use them as a way to maximise the bed capacity of their remote worksite, whilst others require caravans to handle multiple functions due to the limited availability of tow vehicles.

Our caravans are used in a variety of industries. We ensure to test them for design and toughness, making them suitable for any location, in any Australian environment. They are especially popular amongst mining and exploration camp facilities, as well as offices and ablution trailers for government and local councils. However, even seasonal fruit pickers engage with exploration caravans during harvest seasons.


Alltrax Exploration Caravans

Alltrax Exploration Caravans delivers the toughest outback ready exploration caravans for those who need to get where they are going and return safely and efficiently. Our manufacturing team has been creating heavy-duty caravans built for the harsh, isolated Australian outback for over forty years. We exclusively build commercial caravans, working closely with our clients to develop custom caravan designs to meet their unique needs, suiting any mine site, remote camp or other hard to reach worksite. We are happy to say our caravans can be constructed up to 12 metres in length – so whether you are in the mining industry or the fruit picking one, your needs can be met.

In doing so, we utilise the latest in vehicle materials technology. This ensures your caravan will be kept under 3500kg aggregate tow weight, whilst also ensuring strength and reliability.

No matter what your needs, specifications or worksite, we can work with you to meet them.



Alltrax Exploration Caravans are confident when it comes to the reliability of their materials and workmanship, which is why we offer a 10-year warranty on the integrity of the chassis and a five-year warranty on the body of the products we manufacture.


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If you are looking for custom exploration caravan solutions that you can rely on to reach your destination no matter the terrain, or if you simply want a caravan solution that is designed and manufactured in Australia for Australian conditions, give All-Ways Caravans a call. With over forty years of experience, we can design and manufacture a caravan to perfectly meet your specifications and outclass your expectations. Ask our team about industrial caravan rentals, caravan fleet maintenance, or custom builds solutions today.