Caravan Servicing and Repairs

If you’ve owned a car, truck, or even a bicycle in your lifetime, you can appreciate the importance of maintaining your vehicle – and caravans are absolutely no exception to this. No matter if you are a seasoned caravanning enthusiast, or looking to purchase your first camping trailer, it’s apparent from the get-go that caravans and trailers are a notable investment. It’s incredibly important to ensure that your caravan is regularly serviced and that your caravan repairs are carried out by true professionals so that you can rest assured that your investment will run smoothly for years to come.

It’s natural for your caravan or trailer to show signs of wear and tear over the years. If you consider the distance they cover, the weather they are exposed to, and the heavy use they experience, it can only be expected that they require a little bit of TLC from time to time. Allways Caravans can provide efficient and high-quality caravan repairs and servicing, taking care of the hard work so you can focus on the the fun stuff.


Caravan Repairs Perth

The Perth-based team at Allways Caravans is committed to helping you identify, resolve and repair any issues that may arise with your caravan. Allways Caravans has a taskforce of highly experienced mechanics at the ready, who can resolve all matter of issues, no matter how great or small. This team can take care of general repairs to both the interior and exterior of your caravan or trailer, as well as undertaking more complex jobs such as crash repairs. On top of this, they are well versed in refurbishment and maintenance relating to a wide range of towing trailers.

Allways Caravans doesn’t only specialise in caravan repairs, but also in the maintenance and upkeep of horse floats, boat trailers, gooseneck trailers and fifth wheelers. Anything that you tow behind your car can be seen to by the Allways Caravans team.


Let Allways Caravans Take Care of your Caravan Repairs

When you take your caravan to Allways Caravans for a service or for repairs, they’ll focus on your brakes, your connectivity and setup function, and of course, your safety features. 

Firstly, your brakes will be examined and tested for full functionality. Where required, wheel bearings and seals will be replaced, brake systems will be adjusted, and all elements will be given a good clean. The Allways Caravans team will ensure your wind-downs, roll-out awnings, drop-down legs and jockey wheels are all functioning correctly, and allow for easy connectivity and setup. And lastly, your traffic lights will be examined, with any globes replaced where necessary.

During the service, we will also check over the interior of your caravan to ensure your living spaces are functioning well and are in good condition. We’ll examine your plumbing, electrical circuits and air-conditioning while we’re at it – the team at Allways Caravans is here to keep you comfortable.


Get in Touch with Allways Caravans

The committed and experienced mechanics at Allways Caravans truly are the experts when it comes to caravan repairs and caravan servicing in Perth. For anyone in the Perth region with caravan and trailer needs, no matter how big or small, get in touch with Allways Caravans.